About Online Databases

Why use online databases?

We purchase these databases on a subscription basis because they provide high-quality resources and are generally updated daily. They also provide accurate citations and prepare you for doing college-level research.

We highly recommend using these resources for doing academic research - ask your friendly library staff for assistance if you need help.

Our databases are accessible from home. Log into our card catalog (the same way you log in at school) and click the database links that appear.

Links to Online Databases

Online Databases - please see Destiny Home page for passwords

EBSCO Advanced Placement Source - A database designed for high school students enrolled in various Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Contains thousands of full-text journals and magazines, plus over a million photos, maps and flag

EBSCO General Research - Search for books, journals and more.

EBSCO History Reference Center - Covering both U.S. and world history topics, History Reference Center is a full-text database featuring historical reference books, magazines, journals and thousands of primary source documents.

Career Cruising - An online career guidance and planning system.

Illinois Periodicals Online - Browse nine different periodicals about our state.

JSTOR - A digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources (Great for literary criticism).

Short Stories - Short stories and classics throughout our history.

SIRS Issues Researcher - This database provides 'Pro v. Con' information and articles on hundreds of important social issues.

Virtual Reference Library  - Searches hundreds of reference books - a great place to begin your research.

Google Scholar - Google Scholar is a free tool. It allows students to search and view many articles, dissertations and papers. Also, Google Scholar will cite your sources in MLA or APA format.

ERIC - Looking for FREE full online scholarly articles, use ERIC. Also, they offer the feature of peer-reviewed articles.

Teen Health and Wellness - Provides information on diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, and mental health (Great for Health classes).

All Data Pro - An automotive service and repair reference most auto shops use when servicing your cars. It contains service info for most vehicles from 1982 - present.

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CREDO Reference - Search dozens of reference books through a variety of search interfaces.

Value Line - A powerful investment research database.

If you are a St. Charles Public Library card holder, you have access to many more online databases (you will need your card number).

Links to the Public Libraries
(more than 50+ databases you have available to you)

St. Charles Public Library

West Chicago Public Library

Gail Borden Public Library (Elgin)

Elgin Community College - Campton Hills Residents, You must go to ECC to use their article databases. 

Citation Generators

Purdue Owl - The best citation machine in the industry. Purdue University was the first university to undertake the task of making citing sources easier for students and academic writers.

Easybib - Another citation generator that can help you will over 60+ artifacts that you would need to cite in a paper. For example, photos, cartoons, comics, live performance, interviews, federal laws, or even a letter can all be cited through Easybib.