Staff Directory

Special Education
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Mannarelli Ann Marie 331-228-5648 Special Education Assistant
Manthei Lora 331-228-6194 Special Education Assistant
Marzullo Paula 331-228-5651 Special Education Assistant
Mason Stacey 331-228-5670 Lead Teacher for Special Education
McSpadden Dolores 331-228-5659 Special Education Assistant
Melkonian Colleen 331-228-5660 Special Education Assistant
Moore Kristina 331-228-6182 Special Education Assistant
Mroz Rita 331-228-5668 Special Education Assistant
Panepucci Betty 331-228-5683 Special Education Assistant
Payleitner Maximilian 331-228-5686 Special Education Teacher
Payleitner Megan 331-228-5529 Special Education Teacher
Perez Gretchen 331-228-5998 Special Education Teacher
Potocki Paula 331-228-5693 Special Education Assistant
Saccomando Karen 331-228-5164 Special Education Teacher
Sarmiento Paul 331-228-5709 Special Education Teacher
Schulthess Elizabeth 331-228-5713 Special Education Assistant
Shambo Melinda 331-228-5718 Administrative Assistant
Sloan Bryan 331-228-5721 Special Education Teacher
Stadler Connie 331-228-5890 Special Education Teacher
Stewart Chris 331-228-2773 Special Education Teacher
Tarantino Kelly 331-228-5738 Special Education Teacher/Instructional Support Coach
Tomczak Mike 331-228-6016 Special Education Teacher
Veyette Jamie 331-228-5082 Special Education Assistant
Wells Lindley 331-228-5758 Special Education Assistant
White Pierce 331-228-5760 Special Education Assistant
White Stephanie 331-228-5614 Special Education Assistant
Winiarski Andrea 331-228-5761 Special Education Teacher
Wisely Donna 331-228-5762 Special Education Teacher
Young Sharon 331-228-5767 Special Education Teacher
Student Life
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Burke Shawn 331-228-5534 Dean of Students
Chenoweth Angela 331-228-5545 Dean's Assistant
Conley Danielle 331-228-2776 Dean's Assistant
Dandre Lisa 331-228-5565 Assistant Principal for Student Life
Davis Olijuwon 331-228-6127 Dean's Assistant
Eigenhauser Larry 331-228-6135 Dean's Assistant
Harland John 331-228-2679 Dean's Assistant
Harland Jane 331-228-4000 Dean's Assistant
Hofer Eric 331-228-5605 Dean of Students
Kobler Karen 331-228-5622 Administrative Assistant for Student Life
Markowski Diane 331-228-5649 Dean's Assistant
Martines Robert 331-228-5603 Dean's Assistant
Parker Charles 331-228-5684 Dean's Assistant (Nights)
Priore Nancy 331-228-2678 Dean's Assistant
Roloff Diane 331-228-5878 Administrative Assistant for Dean's Office
Verbout Kim 331-228-6144 Administrative Assistant for Attendance
Woods Patrick 331-228-5764 Dean of Students
Student Services
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Bishop Koch Renee 331-228-5520 Social Worker
Borgstrom Sandra 331-228-5913 Student Support Specialist
Brittan Kelly 331-228-2697 Assistant Principal for Student Services
Cozzi Annette 331-228-5104 Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal
Davis Melissa 331-228-5566 School Psychologist
Emery Patricia 331-228-5576 Student Assistance Counselor
Mueller Michaele 331-228-6038 Psychologist
Otto Michelle 331-228-5681 Social Worker
Pupich Courtney 331-228-5699 Social Worker
Seydlitz Kristina 331-228-5638 Social Worker
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Bosworth Christopher 331-228-5525 Wellness Teacher
Budzinski Michael 331-228-5930 Wellness Teacher
Cameron Marisa 331-228-5539 Wellness Teacher
DiNuzzo Vince 331-228-5956 Wellness Teacher
Farquhar William 331-228-5580 Wellness Teacher
Fields Michael 331-228-5581 Wellness Teacher
Horan Kelly 331-228-5606 Lead Teacher for Wellness
Kolker Jeff 331-228-5849 Wellness Teacher
Kull Jennifer 331-228-5628 Wellness Teacher
McCullagh Kathleen 331-228-5655 Wellness Teacher
Musial Adam 331-228-5584 Wellness Teacher
Potter Jason 331-228-5694 Lead Teacher for Wellness
Powers Tawny 331-228-6149 Wellness Teacher
Schoening Sarah 331-228-6527 Wellness Teacher
Smerz Steve 331-228-5722 Wellness Teacher
Wolf Timothy 331-228-5763 Wellness Teacher