Staff Directory

Administration/Main Office
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Becht Kathy 331-228-5515 Administrative Assistant for Mailroom
Gow Diane 331-228-5590 School Treasurer
Kyle Charlie 331-228-5630 Principal
Olson Diane 331-228-5677 Administrative Assistant for Faculty
Pozna Kristen 331-228-2469 Substitute Coordinator
Whidden Kathleen 331-228-5759 Receptionist
Wiebe Karen 331-228-6740 Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Palmeri Nancy 331-228-5682 Administrative Assistant for Athletics
Sommerfeld Michael 331-228-5725 Athletic Director
Career and Technical Education
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Boyer Adam 331-228-2488 Business Education Teacher
Brenner Susan 331-228-2476 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
De Wees David 331-228-5568 Technology Education Teacher
Dessauer Steven 331-228-5569 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Glavan Keith 331-228-5588 Lead Teacher for Business Education
Linde Erin 331-228-5641 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Livermore Robert 331-228-6146 Business Education Teacher
McCarthy James 331-228-5654 Technology Education Teacher
Possley Nolan 331-228-5679 Business Education Teacher
Ringrose Thomas 331-228-5516 Technology Education Teacher
Rosignal Elizabeth 331-228-5609 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Ruck Lisa 331-228-5706 Business Education Teacher
Stewart Tracy 331-228-5732 Lead Teacher for FACS and Technology Education
Stone Shannon 331-228-5735 Business Education Teacher
Straiker Thomas 331-228-5736 Technology Education Teacher
Tucker Todd 331-228-6153 Technology Education Assistant
Wright Jenna 331-228-5811 Family and Consumer Science Teacher
College & Career Readiness
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Batka Kari 331-228-5513 Counselor
Bialeschki Jeff 331-228-5518 Counselor
Bonelli Bonnie 331-228-5579 Administrative Assistant
Fahey Mary 331-228-5729 Counselor
Gill Matthew 331-228-5587 Assistant Principal for College & Career Readiness
Hawkins James 331-228-5596 Counselor
Hofer Patty 331-228-5538 Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal
Kenny Maura 331-228-6126 Counselor
Pereda Mark 331-228-6148 Counselor
Swenson Jamie 331-228-5109 Counselor
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Baratta James 331-228-2459 English Teacher
Biernacki John 331-228-5519 English Teacher
Bora Jennifer 331-228-2460 English Teacher
Bundy Teresa 331-228-5532 English Teacher
Burkhart Courtenay 331-228-5535 Lead Teacher for English
Combs Mildred 331-228-2772 English Teacher
Crudele Maria 331-228-5561 English Language Learning Teacher
Drexler Cara 331-228-5608 English Teacher
Gagliardi Anthony 331-228-2465 English Teacher
Galindo Susana 331-228-5583 English Language Learning Teacher
Harter Michael 331-228-5676 English Teacher
Hayes Amanda 331-228-5613 English Teacher
Hernandez Esther 331-228-5601 English Language Learning Assistant
Killelea Caroline 331-228-5617 English Teacher
Kittl Jonathan 331-228-5618 English Teacher
Ladowski Leslie 331-228-5631 English Teacher
Lambert Nina 331-228-5632 English Language Learning Assistant
Luksa Sonya 331-228-2778 English Teacher
Mogni Stephen 331-228-5311 English Teacher
Pantaleo Lisa 331-228-5644 English Teacher
Porter Alanna 331-228-5702 English Teacher
Pursel Kelly 331-228-5719 English Teacher
Reed James 331-228-6150 English Teacher
Smith Laura 331-228-5723 English Teacher
Stewart Jacob 331-228-5806 English Teacher
Stone Chris 331-228-5734 English Teacher
Ter Bush Stephanie 331-228-5712 English Teacher
Yerkes Sarah 331-228-5766 English Teacher
Zachas Genevieve 331-228-5769 English Teacher
Fine Arts
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Beder Daniel 331-228-5985 Music Teacher
Chapman Gregory 331-228-5544 Art Teacher
Jones Cory 331-228-5680 Music Teacher
Kull James 331-228-5627 Music Teacher
Miller Louise 331-228-5662 Art Teacher
Nelson Phillip 331-228-6160 Art Teacher
Richter-Duff Kristi 331-228-5705 Art Teacher
Schuck Taylor 331-228-3398 Art Teacher
Shackelford Nathan 331-228-5716 Art Teacher
Stombres James 331-228-6397 Music Teacher
Wukitsch Gilbert 331-228-5765 Lead Teacher for Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Anderson Neal 331-228-2699 Foreign Language Teacher
Charles Elizabeth 331-228-2461 Foreign Language Teacher
Forbes Rebecca 331-228-5586 Lead Teacher for Foreign Language
Goss Jennifer 331-228-5802 Foreign Language Teacher
Johnson Nicole 331-228-5612 Foreign Language Teacher
Kittl Erika 331-228-6175 Foreign Language Teacher
Kucera Thomas 331-228-2468 Foreign Language Teacher
McFarron Daniel 331-228-5960 Foreign Language Teacher
Mitchell Meghan 331-228-5663 Foreign Language Teacher
Oetke Melissa 331-228-5577 Foreign Language Teacher
Reyes Monica 331-228-4978 Foreign Language Teacher
Smetters Kendra 331-228-6125 Foreign Language Teacher
Zary Anthony 331-228-2786 Foreign Language Teacher
Instructional Programs
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Nichol Joan 331-228-6774 Administrative Assistant to Assistant Principal
Olney Julie 331-228-5675 Student Info Systems Specialist
Peterburs Julie 331-228-5688 Registrar
Richter James 331-228-5704 Assistant Principal for Instructional Programs
Learning Resource Center
Last Name First Name E-mail Telephone Title
Ackerman Patricia 331-228-4998 Administrative Assistant for Media
Corn Stephanie 331-228-6020 Media Specialist
Ellerbusch Deena 331-228-5575 Book Room Supervisor
Hayes Denise 331-228-5929 Media Technician
Healy Anne 331-228-5598 Media Assistant
Mazur-Lessard Kimberly 331-228-6159 LRC Director
Pelayo Elizabeth 331-228-6132 Media Specialist