To meet our mutual goal for student success, we participate in a partnership and shared expectation among school, parent and student that students will be present on time, throughout each day of school.

Attendance Terminology

Excused Absence
Absence that is excused by a parent for a valid reason. The following are examples of school recognized valid reasons to excuse a student:

  • Illness
  • Medical or Dental Appointment
  • Extraordinary Emergency

A doctor's note may be required to excuse a student or for admission to school at any time the administration deems it necessary. Failure to comply with such a request will result in an "unexcused" absence and follow up with:

  • Parent conference
  • Kane County Truancy and/or
  • Local law enforcement

Absence that is not designated as excused or unexcused. Truancy is further defined as:

  • Excessively late to class
  • Leaving the building without first checking out of the building through the office

Interventions to address Truancy include, but are not limited to:

  • Parent Conference
  • Kane County Truancy
  • Local law enforcement

Unexcused Absence
When a student is unexcused, the parent may recognize the absence as being valid or legitimate, however the school does not. The following, even with parental consent are considered to be unexcused absences:

  • Working
  • Missing the bus
  • Shopping
  • Car not starting
  • Keeping personal appointments

Visiting out of town or college visit (unless absence is excused following the guidelines of the prearranged process)

  • Needed at home
  • And other avoidable absences

Interventions to address unexcused absences include, but are not limited to:

  • Parent Conference
  • Kane County Truancy
  • Local law enforcement

Students must be in the classroom when the bell rings. Students who arrive in the room after the bell rings are tardy.

Attendance Policies

Reporting Student Absences
If a students is going to be absent, his/her parent or guardian must telephone the attendance office no later than 45 minutes after the start of school on the day of the absence. When parent(s)/guardian(s) are out of town, they are expected to designate a responsible adult to phone in the absence.

If there is a question about whether an absence will be considered excused or unexcused, check in advance with the building administration.

Please consider the following:

  • No credit will be given for work missed due to an unexcused absence
  • Work missed due to tardiness may not be made up
  • There are no make-up privileges for students who are truant from class. School work missed as a result of truancy will be recorded as "no credit".

Appointments During the Day
Students must have a "Permit to Leave the Building" issued through the attendance office prior to their departure. If they have not secured this permit to leave they are considered to be truant until they are excused by a parent/guardian. (However, they will be subject to disciplinary actions for a campus violation.) Upon their return they must check into the attendance office.

Prearranged Absences
Prearranged absence with the following restrictions and procedures:

(a) Students must apply for the privilege of using the prearranged absence days through the attendance office. They will be given a Prearranged Absence Form to be signed by their teachers and parents. This completed form MUST be turned it TWO SCHOOL DAYS prior to the date of the prearranged absence or absence will be recorded as "Unexcused".

(b) The building principal or designee has the authority to grant up to five (5) school days of excused absences:

  • College visits
  • Career education visitations
  • Participation in regional and/or national contests or awards not endorsed by the IHSA
  • Family vacation qualified by the phrase "accompanied by a parent"
  • Special religious holidays as determined by the administration
  • Other circumstances as determined by the administration

(c) Excused absences resulting from approved preplanned absences(s) shall be limited to five(5) days per year and may not be cumulative through a student's career.

(d) A student will not be eligible for an excused absence if the request for a preplanned absence covers the final week of a quarter and/or semester.

(e) Students have full make-up privilege and must initiate make-up work.

Extended Absences
Students absent for an illness or injury that extends beyond one week (five(5) consecutive school days) should contact their counselor as soon as possible and are required to have a conference with the school nurse before returning to class.

A doctor's note may be required for admission to school at any time the building administration deems it necessary. Failure to comply with such a request will cause the absence to be recorded as unexcused and notification to Kane County Truancy and local law enforcement will be made.

Field Trips
Students who plan to participate in a field trip must submit a "Parental Permission Form" prior to the time of the trip. This form may be obtained from the field trop sponsor and should be signed by the parent and returned to the sponsor.

Students are responsible for keeping up with work missed as a result of the field trip. Students should have a "Field Trip Permission Form" signed by all their teachers for prior approval. Students will not be excused from tests or other obligations on the day they return. This type of absence is approved by the school and allows for full make-up of missed work.

Fifteen (15) Days of Absence during a 90 day Period
A medical report from student's physician is required explaining the absence. If not report is resented, notification to Kane County Truant Officer may follow.

Total Absence Policy (High School Only)

  1. When a teacher feels that a student's absences are adversely affecting his/her performance in class ("excused", "unexcused" or "truancies" totaling no more than ten) a contact by the teacher is necessary by telephone or conference.
    NOTE: Parental contact by the teacher via telephone can be defined as leaving messages on an answering machine. If the teacher is unable to personally talk with a parent after several attempts, the teacher should notify the dean.

  2. If, following step 1, the absence pattern continues ("excused", "unexcused", "truancies" totaling no more than fourteen, then a staffing will be held to consider removed from class, placement into homebound instruction, loss of credit, or any other appropriate disposition (staffing is initiated by the teacher and called by the counselor).

  3. If, following step 2, the student accumulates 18 or more ("excused", "unexcused" or "truant") absences, then the student may be denied credit for the course (initiated by the teacher, disposition given by the disciplinarian, counselor, and department chair).

St. Charles Community Unit School District 303