Young Hearts For Life Free Screening

St. Charles East High School is partnering with the Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) Cardiac Screening Program, a not for profit organization,
to offer free electrocardiograms (ECGs) to the high school students on Thursday, January 25, 2018 in the Sports Complex.


There are privacy screens set up that day in the Sports Complex.  Others will not watch you getting your heart screening.
You will not be shocked – you will not feel any pain.
If you are dressed in PE clothing – t-shirt & sweatpants – it will be easy & fast.
Your PE teacher will remind you the day of the screening and walk with you to the Sports Complex.
Last time we screened students, 7 students were identified as needing follow-up by their own doctor – we have saved lives doing the screening every other year at East & North.
Your parents need to register you online. Parents must give permission for your heart to be screened.
You’ll receive a pass back to class after the Heart Screening – use this pass as a “heart rate strap free day” if needed!
It’s free! 


Please visit to register your student online by January 23, 2018.
There are two pages – click on Chicago Region and then “agree” on the page listing St Charles East - the actual registration form is on page two.

Mrs. Dandre needs your help: Over 100 adult volunteers are needed to help complete ECG testing for the students during a school day for this large event.  Can you volunteer?
Thank you in advance for taking time to help us screen our students! 
NOTE:  Please sign up for both a brief volunteer training session in the evening on January 24 and to volunteer during the day on January 25.

Click Here to Volunteer at