Student email accounts

For the first time, District 303 provided all high school students will a district email address.  The address is in the format (for example  This account is the account from which students will receive email from eSchool and Blackboard, and should be used to interact with teachers and other d303 staff.

We encourage our students to use this account for their official school business - to email teachers, to sign up for online educational tools, and to keep themselves organized using the calendar.  Students can access this account from a computer or from a mobile device (here's the district site to show them how) and is still connected to the Google Drive many started using last year.

This account is also restricted and monitored.  The account is configured to allow students to receive email from other email addresses and other approved sites.  Also, software is being used to 'flag' emails containing inappropriate attachments and language.  We will provide more information about this process as we use it and as it becomes available.